Property Search and Discovery – What’s Involved & Who Does it?

Newcastle is the Epicentre of Growth

Sydney’s high property prices have pushed first home owners and property investors further out and increased demand on regional areas. While some people are looking to move out of the city to the Central Coast or Hunter regions, property investors are looking for the next growth area to invest in like the inner suburbs of Newcastle or low priced alternatives like Morisset and Cooranbong, where it is still close enough to commute to Sydney but house prices are low and increasing.

Understanding the property market you’re looking to buy or invest in is critical to ensure your property suits both your needs and budget. This is part of the Property Search & Discovery service of a buyers agent and included in our Property Investment Training Course

Knowing the local market

Most people typically only move an average of 9 kilometres from where they lived previously. They know their local area exceptionally well. They know where the local schools are, what new developments have been proposed for the area, whether it’s a commuters rat run, and so on.

This knowledge is crucial to choosing the right property that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

When you decide to move out of your local area to somewhere like Gosford or Newcastle, you’re leaving behind all of that entrenched knowledge. No matter how much research you do or how many weekend visits you make, that “lived” knowledge of an area that’s so crucial to buying property isn’t there.

That’s why a buyer’s agent becomes critical to your property search, whether you’re an experienced investor or planning to live in the property you buy.

Property that meets budgets

At EzyEstate, we have that entrenched, local knowledge of the areas we service — Newcastle, Gosford, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and other areas in the Central Coast and Hunter. We’re also property investors ourselves, so we know what makes a great home and a great area to live in, and what makes a great home in a great area to invest.

Sometimes there may be an overlap, depending on the buyer’s needs and budget, but other times a great area to buy and live is not the same as one in which to invest. Understanding these nuances is the difference between buying a property that meets budgets, and buying property that doesn’t.

Local agent connections

Our connections with local real estate agents enable us to find property for clients that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to source on their own. This includes properties slated for “off market” sales, silent auctions, and property previews.

Let EzyEstate be your on-the-ground property experts in the Newcastle, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie areascontact our team to find out how we can help you buy your next property that’ll enjoy Sydney-like growth, without the Sydney prices.