Newcastle, NSW

Property Investment in Newcastle

Newcastle is one of the largest cities in Australia and the 2nd biggest in NSW (Canberra is in the ACT!) and it is the largest coal port in the world, something that acts as a foundation for future growth.

In 2017 the Newcastle City Council managed to get the V8 Supercars to race around a scenic route which goes through city streets as well as the iconic beaches of Newcastle. It was a sign to the rest of Australia that Newcastle is a great place to live and work and these announcements keep coming and include:

  • Massive Residential developments
  • Massively expanding University and Campus
  • New Ocean Liner Berth
  • Removal of heavy rail and building of light rail

The House and Land Dream

Unlike cities like Sydney, Newcastle property owners can own a nice house AND the land for cheaper than a Hornsby unit and enjoy more space to live and better traffic conditions.

The ability to invest in a house as well as the land leads to development opportunities that are far beyond the reach of most Sydney residents – dual occupancy, granny flat developments and lots of renovation opportunities.

The Outer Rings are Closer Than You Think

Coming from Sydney where you might travel 30-40 minutes yet only travel 10-20Kms, most parts of Newcastle are accessible in that time frame. Many locals like to keep within the first or second ring but astute property investors will understand where population will be pushed into the 3rd ring out of necessity and these areas are already starting to show large gains in value.

Some of the outer rings of Newcastle are actually located within the Lake Macquarie Council area in the South and Southwest, including Warners Bay, Eleebana and Cardiff while others like Edgeworth and Wallsend are suburbs every person driving to Newcastle needs to drive through. These suburbs are well priced for future gains.

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