Accounting & Office Administration Online Training Course website and customer base available for sale

Accounting & Office Administration Website, Customer List and Digital Assets for Sale - earn money as a tutor, bookkeeper or accounts person from home

This website has been actively marketed for one year and demonstrated strong performance and revenue growth. Average monthly profit is $1,000.

This online business provides training courses that are provided and supported by the vendor, which is an established training course provider.

Market research and tests on various course combinations and advertising messages prove that this business will scale with the use of a dedicated advertising campaign with increased revenue projections of over 30% year on year.

E-Commerce Online Business

The online business for sale uses state of the art online and digital marketing technology including:

  • Google Organic Traffic listings
  • Google Ads, paid advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Retargeting
  • Google Analytics
  • Email database and email marketing
  • PayPal and Stripe payment gateways
  • Website chat support
  • VoIP telephone system

Training on the use of all these tools is included in the for sale price.

Your work is simple

The sales and ordering system is fully integrated with the wholesale course provider and orders for digital products are fulfilled the same day (business days).

You can be as active as you want to be by either having the website monitored during work hours or just tend to inquiries as they come in!

After sales support provided by the training wholesaler, who has been in business for over 24 years.

FREE Organic Website Traffic

Although active in the last 12 months this domain name has had a website for close to a decade so it has a good quality reputation and receives a good percentage of it’s website visitor traffic organically (FREE).

The current vendor will teach you how to manage course inquiries and how to use key performance indicators to increase revenue.

Full Training & Support

Full training and support is provided to ensure the best chances of success as the current vendor is motivated to establish a pro-active and ongoing relationship with the new owner.

The training course materials suits a buyer who is active in the business and ideally has some experience and a background in accounting, bookkeeping and office support and administration.

Online Digital Business

The vendor is seeking a price for the business based on 2 years of forecast turnover. The business is completely online and doesn’t require the leasing of premises, signage or other physical costs.

It can be operated from a home office anywhere in the world.

Get the Online Business Information

Get more information, reports and analytics to support your inquiry

Very Good Profit Margin

The margin for the new own is 100% so there is plenty of room for special promotions and marketing initiatives to increase the revenue.

Aside from online courses in accounting software and office administration the website can be used as a lead source for new clients or an opportunity to add an extra source of revenue for an existing business.

The annual revenue is $24,000 and growing rapidly

Stand alone business or bolt on acquisition

The new owner will have an opportunity create extra income sources to support customers of the site and work with the wholesale vendor. This online training business is a great start for someone leaving fulltime corporate employment and seeking an online business that has existing website traffic, a sales conversion funnel and revenue.

The website price gives the new owner plenty of upside, fantastic margins and can also be a good bolt on opportunity for a Registered Training Organisation or accounting firm who wants to round out their services to include financial education.

Price: 2 years Revenue

The vendor has priced this business at a very attractive multiple of 2 x revenue and it includes an onboarding and support period of 3 months.

Vendor Finance

Vendor financing is available to the new buyer based on an application criteria.

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