Is it a Good Idea to Invest in Property In Newcastle

I’ve been a Sydney sider all of my life, until 2015 when I moved up to the Morisset Peninsula where a lot of Northern Beaches residents seem to have moved to. Until I moved up this way Newcastle was just some little town like Wollongong – in other words I had no idea what it was like because it wasn’t Sydney!

What I’ve seen since being up here has been overwhelming and here are some stats for you..

The Hunter region accounts for 8% of total economic output for NSW making it the biggest regional centre in Australia according to the Regional Development Australia Hunter. The airport has over 1.2M annual passenger movements and the Port of Newcastle is the 3rd largest port in Australia and number 1 in the world for coal exports.

Newcastle has a young vibrant coast culture and is growing rapidly

Home owners in Newcastle are not used to travelling the same distances for work or even to visit friends so property values appear to be separated in 3 distinct price range rings from Newcastle City outward.

Some of the outer suburbs being Windale/Gasteshead, Cardiff, Beresfield & Birmingham Gardens. Although some of these suburbs are in adjacent councils (Lake Macquarie Council) they are some of the cheapest places to invest in property and yet from a Sydney-siders perspective they’re not very far from each other and not far from Newcastle City.

A good reason to invest in Beresfield, Windale, Cardiff & Sandgate

Income and capital growth is what most property investors are looking for and if you’re not sure what that means you need our Property Investment Training Course & Support!

The growth component (increasing property prices) is particularly important in places like Sydney because most properties are VERY expensive and if you are leveraged (borrowing most of the money) you need the values to grow to make the property a good investment.

The cheap suburbs around Newcastle are some of the cheapest suburbs you can buy a house and land combined for under $400,000! In-fact for not much more you can buy a brand new house and land package! This means that as Newcastle City grows the cheap suburbs will grow because they are relatively close and very cheap!

Take a read of the Hunter Investment Prospectus to see why more smart property investors are buying in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Regions.