QBE Insurance rates Newcastle as one of the best bets for property investors from 2019-2022

I’m not sure whether I seem to notice more good news about the Newcastle area because I’ve moved up here or because EVERYONE is moving up from Sydney.

Admittedly I can see all the house and land blocks being built, roads being improved, traffic lights being put in as well as a luxury marina and restaurants and soon to be Pullman Hotel being built, so it must be true!

Here are some stats that I’ve received lately, including the downloadable PDF report from QBE.

Newcastle University is just one of the large institutions that owns land around Honeysuckle and has a property development pipeline. The featured image above shows the new University of Newcastle Building as well as the brand new light rail that has replaced the heavy rail and opened up the waterfront for restaurants, bars and FUN!

Newcastle City is raging ahead but so too are the more distant suburbs like Mayfield, Beresfield, Whitebridge, Georgetown, Cardiff and Sandgate (even though some of these are part of neighbouring Lake Macquarie Council.

Here’s the QBE report where you can compare city and regional areas based on past performance, drivers of growth and forecasts.