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Every property buyer has different circumstances, different budgets and different borrowing capacity (as well as risk appetite). At this stage we work out

  • how much you can spend (including finance),
  • your purpose (invest/live)
  • where you’d like to buy
  • your buying time-frame


We’ll use all the traditional sources to find properties which are currently available for sale as well as off-market, new releases and shortlisted properties. This process along can take 40+ hours but it’s also something that we’ll be able to discuss based on your own searches (if you choose to do so).


Inspections occur when you’ve narrowed down the houses in your search list. By this stage you’ve learnt a bit more about the type of properties and the potential issues and have more certainty when you spot the right property.

We provide open home inspection reports and property value appraisals and you’re welcome to come on these inspections to see first hand what we look at. We’ll even take pics and videos if we are allowed. This stage can take over 20 hours.

We’ll then discuss each property based on the good points and negative points, you’ll get our opinion and then when we find the right properties we’ll move to negotiation stage.

Negotiate & Offer

We’ll help take the emotion out of this stage from our experience of buying properties and speaking with agents and when we agree on a price we can make the offer to the selling agent.

This offer will include a price but also any conditions that might be important to you and acceptable to the seller.

We’ll organise any building and pest inspections and be in regular contact with your conveyancer/solicitor when required. This task often involves several calls / emails a day and corresponding between you and the selling agent results in a process called Offer and Acceptance and Exchanging contracts and can take over 8 hours.


This is taken care of by your conveyancer/solicitor and is often when you’ll be able to access the property to ensure that all inclusions are actually at the property.

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