What is a Dual Key New House and Land Package

Property investors are seeking income and growth when they purchase an investment property and in regional areas many investors expect the rental income return to be high, particularly if they don’t expect their to be massive growth in value.

Dual Key Properties give investors VERY high rental returns as well as land ownership and these are the figures..

A dual key is similar to a townhouse or the old semi-detached dwelling in that they have two households under the one roof and these days you often can’t tell that it’s two dwellings.

Dual key properties are similar in concept to a granny flat, except that they are attached dwellings (with a fire rated wall between them).

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Dual Key New House & Land Investment Property at Lot 646 Cliftleigh Meadows Kurri Kurri

Most households are getting smaller so 1 to 2 bedroom houses and apartments are very popular for single tenants and couples.

Very Good Rental Income in Hunter Region

This particular property has a rental appraisal of:

  • Unit 1 – $400-$410 per week
  • Unit 2 – $270-$300 per week

That’s a total weekly income of $670 to $710 per week – for a brand new property where you’ll be able to claim the cost of interest and depreciation from your taxable income.

That’s between $34,840 and $36,920 per annum.

Purchase price for new dual key house and land package

Unlike a single contract this is a development where you’ll purchase the land first and then pay a builder to construct the house on your land for you. The costs for this investment are made up of these costs:

This is a Dual key design as you would be aware the stock list price is $573,000

  • Land $193,000
  • Build $380,000

Total Cost = $573,000

Return on investment is between 6.1- 6.4% (on a brand new investment property). If you have a good income and perhaps some equity in your own home, this could prove to be a positive cashflow investment property!

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