Dual Key Properties

What is a Dual Key Property


Dual Key properties are not a new concept because there are many different ways of getting two properties on the one residential building block.

Townhouses, semi-detached houses are just some of the ways but they all have some key concepts in common:

  • They utilise one residential building block
  • They increase the rental income
  • They share a common wall

Investing in new house and land packages is often an investment strategy for high income earners who want the benefits of depreciation and interest expense for their residential property investment loan to reduce their taxable income.

These benefits are only available when the income from the property is low and the property costs more to own than it returns.

For many property investors this has been the only option: Buy a property with a return of 2-3% knowing that the equity increase is the main goal and in the short to medium term they get to pay less tax because of the losses from depreciation and interest.

With Dual Key Properties you get the increase in value without the losses.

Single House vs Dual Key Property

Property Investment Strategies vary from person to person based on their risk appetite and their time horison but factors like tax, borrowing capacity and rental income are also very important.

One of the best features of a dual key property investment is a very good return, particularly compared to the interest earned on term deposits these days. This makes them appealing to savvy investors who have good equity, an income stream and a Self-Managed-Super-Fund (SMSF).

A dual key property investment will often return around 7% which is excellent and stable and if your deposit is large enough you’ll be able to use the investment as a source of income.

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Dual Key Property Combinations

Dual Key properties come in a number of different configurations, including:

  • 3 bedrooms x 2 bedrooms
  • 4 bedrooms x 2 bedrooms
  • 3 bedrooms x 1 bedroom

Each of these comes with at least one car space per property. This enables you to choose the best dwelling type for the suburb where the property will be built.

Sometimes you don’t get the choice because the builder or developer has chosen the most appropriate dwelling for the site, available space and suburb.

Developers spend a lot of time and money understanding the type of dwellings that renters and home owners are looking for and we can provide you with this information – just make contact and ask.

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