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What is a Real Estate Buyers’ Agent?

A real estate buyers’ agent is someone you choose to act for you and on your behalf to search for property according to your budget and your requirements.

This includes liaising with inspection providers and real estate agents, as well as solicitors and conveyancers, to make offers on, and finalise, the purchase of property.

Why Use a Buyers’ Agent?

Real estate buyers’ agents are qualified, licensed and insured professionals who understand real estate and who, most importantly, act on YOUR behalf.

One reason to use a real estate buyers’ agent is because they live and work in an area where you are interested in investing or moving to.

This means they have an in-depth understanding and level of knowledge as to what is going on in the market at the moment, and usually have connections with vendors or selling agents.

A buyers’ agent does your leg work, searching for an evaluating properties so that you are presented with the best potential properties for your buying criteria.

Are you a first home owner/buyer? See how we can help first home owners and buyers.

How Much Does a Real Estate Buyers’ Agent Cost?

A real estate buyers’ agent can charge a fixed price or a percentage of purchase price and often the fees are dependent on your relationship with them.

Real estate buyers’ agents will often charge an upfront fee which is designed to separate those who are serious from those who are not ready to make a purchase and the balance is normally charged at settlement so it can come from the money you are borrowing to purchase.

How a buyers’ agent sets their pricing can affect their motivation so we offer fixed rates based on the different tasks we perform for you. Our motivation is to do the best we possibly can for you in every way and that means avoiding any conflict of interest.

Financing the Buyers Agents Fees

The initial, upfront part payment is designed to separate serious buyers from those who are learning and mainly curious. If you are serious about purchasing an investment property in Newcastle or surrounding regions (Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens etc) or even a house to live in the good news is that the bulk of the buyers agents fees can be paid at settlement — utilising your bank loan.

Ask about our reduced rates for first home owners.

If you’re buying an investment property any costs associated with the purchase can be claimed as an expense!

What does a buyers agent actually do?

We do the legwork so you can just make the decisions. Our services include:

  • Property Investor Training & Support
  • Property Search and Discovery
  • Property Inspection
  • Property Evaluation
  • Purchase Negotiation, and
  • Settlement

See How it works to understand the process we go through with you.

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