Best Suburbs to Buy Real Estate

The Best Suburbs to Invest in Real Estate

Whether you’re buying to invest or live, you’re investing money all the same and you want to make sure the value of your investment grows.

We focus on the three broad areas of:

Each of these areas has their own appeal but there are some key reasons people invest in these areas.

Those who choose to invest or live on the Central Coast commonly do so because of beaches and the coast and access to growing amenities while still being relatively close to Sydney.

Investment and lifestyle options in Lake Macquarie include proximity to Lake Macquarie or larger land sizes while still being reasonably close to both Sydney AND Newcastle.

Newcastle offers the attractions of being big enough to be self-sustaining; it is also the regional centre for the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens areas and has the largest business coal port in the world.

Investing in Newcastle Real Estate

Historically, these three areas have tended to experience growth after Sydney experiences a boom like it did in the years leading up to, and including, 2017. Newcastle is now experiencing a transformation; the CBD is changing significantly with the heavy rail removed, high-rise apartments being constructed and areas close to the city undergoing gentrification.

John Hunter Hospital and Newcastle University are undergoing expansion and are large sources of employment for Novocastrians.

Sydneysiders are leaving Australia’s capital in droves for these areas, seeking better value for their hard earned dollars. This is being offered by way of large, modern houses on roomy parcels of land, costing the same as a 2-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Sydney!

Many investors to these areas have made decent gains on their capital city investments (not just limited to Sydney, but including Melbourne and even Canberra) and can easily afford to purchase on the Central Coast, in Lake Macquarie and in Newcastle, but simply will not get the same value in Sydney.

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