First Home Owners

Buying Property to Live in is an investment

Real estate ownership is just one way to put your money into an asset which historically (and hopefully in the future) goes up in value. The difference between being an owner-occupier and an investor is whether you can claim the interest and maintenance costs to reduce your taxable income.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home to live in or as an investment property while you live at home or rent, buying a property is a great way to grow your wealth. The important questions are

  • Is this the right price
  • Can I take on so much debt
  • Is this the right time

We help you understand the implications of these decisions to create a solid strategy for growing your wealth passively – without having to work and receive dollars per hour.

First Home Owners Schemes

Owing property is part of the great Australian dream and state and federal governments are always discussing ways to help first home owners buy a property.

We also care and offer a reduced price service for First Home Owners which is based on structured training and buyer support!

Property Buyer Training and Support

The full buyers agent service goes through many stages where it is important to have a real estate buyers agent working for you on the ground, visiting properties, speaking to agents and building inspectors etc.

As a first home owner you may not need the full buyers agent service but rather someone to help you understand the various different aspects of the purchase decision and process. That what we offer in the Property Buyers Training and Support Packages.

Make contact and ask us how we can help OR just get started and enrol into the Property Investment Academy Training Package!


Ask About First Home Buyer Support Services