Purchase Negotiation and Settlement

Once you’ve defined your search criteria and discovered great opportunities and then refined your list the next stage is purchase negotiation. Vendor’s sales agents are often skilled in the art of urgency and compression which means they’re total focus is on highest price and quickest sale, but not always in that order. 

It’s good to have someone who can change the pace and begin negotiations based on your circumstances.

Getting the best price

In a seller’s market, in particular, it’s very hard to negotiate a lower price when the supply of property doesn’t outweigh demand but at most other times there are many different areas which can be covered in a negotiation and they vary from property buyer to property buyer. 

You might want to increase the inclusions like white goods (dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, etc) and even some furniture!

You can also negotiate on settlement time and deposit amount, whether that means a regular deposit with a long settlement period or smaller deposit and a shorter settlement. 

We can attend auctions and bid on your behalf whether you’re there in person or just on the phone. 

Property conveyancing and settlement  

Your conveyancer (we can recommend some highly experienced local conveyancers) does all the legal checking of contracts and clauses and they are your representative at settlement. We can help in aspects of their work like 

  • arrange and attend the pre-settlement inspection to ensure the inclusions negotiated as part of the sale remain in the property,
  • that it’s been left clean and tidy, ready for you to move in — or tenant if it’s an investment.

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