Property Evaluation fine tunes the property buying funnel

A property sales process tends to move quickly particularly when you are buying from an experienced real estate sales agent. It can also happen if you have all your finances and property checks in order and are able to move quickly yourself to secure a property.

The key consideration at this stage is that you find the best property that suits your needs and budget and that matches your criteria set in your goals!

Evaluating properties against sales data

You can look at glossy images of properties, the huge upside potential for the future and how ideal the property location is but it’s important to remove some of the emotion at this stage and focus on some cold hard facts. 

If you’re that emotional about buying property, then jump straight to our payments page (just joking). It’s our job to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunity to get the property that you want but it’s also good to be prudent with EVERY purchase because the long term affects are significant – one wrong decision could stop a lot of people from achieving their long term plans!

The detail is in the data

A lot of real estate statistics and historical information is available at the major property portals such as and Domain, but this information doesn’t always provide a complete picture of the local market.

In smaller regions, such as Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast, Cessnock, Port Stephens, Newcastle and other parts of the Hunter region, where there are fewer sales and days on the market are generally longer, this information isn’t as relevant but we have access to property data and analytics from Australia’s leading property information firms.

We’re able to evaluate property against recent sales data, and also identify properties that make the best investments, using data about rental yields and market value growth.

If you’re looking to buy outside of Melbourne or Sydney, let us be your on-the-ground property buying experts in the Newcastle, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie areas. Start by telling us what you’re looking for to purchase property in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

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