Property Inspections, vetted by a buyers agent

The Internet is NOT the Real World, it’s a Sales Agents World

If you’ve ever looked for property on the internet, then you know that very often things are not always what they seem. Bedrooms that appeared light and spacious online often turn out to be dark and cramped; lush gardens overgrown; that short distance to the local shops: a ten minute drive on a street signposted at 100km/hr.

Inspecting a property, especially if you intend to live in it, is an important part of the property buying process.

You need to drink in the character and charm, and ensure you have that good feeling about it. Finding such a property can take time, though, when you’re wading through all the dark, cramped, overgrown ones at the same time.

Inspect pre-qualified property

Rather than spending every weekend for the next six months inspecting properties that don’t meet your requirements, only inspect properties that have been pre-qualified and pre-inspected to ensure they meet your requirements and budget.

Once your Buyers Agent understands your property requirements — including things like traffic, proximity to schools and shops, etc — we’ll go and do the initial groundwork, inspecting properties that match your budget and needs to create a short-list of pre-qualified properties for you to view.

Negotiate for better inclusions and terms

Your Buyers Agent (or Buyers Advocate if you’re from Victoria) will negotiate with the vendor’s sales agent on your behalf. We’ll discuss inclusions like window coverings, certain white goods, and work to get you better sales terms, like longer or shorter settlement, more appealing deposits, and so on.

Additional due diligence extras

For an additional fee, we can arrange building and pest inspections, surveys and engineering reports, check local council zoning, and determine whether there are development applications on neighbouring properties lodged with the council already.

If you’re looking to buy outside of Sydney, let us be your on-the-ground property experts in the Newcastle, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie areas.

Contact our team to find out how we can help you buy your next property that’ll enjoy Sydney-like growth, without the Sydney prices.