Contract Exchange vs. Settlement

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When you first agree to buy a property, your offer and the vendor’s acceptance of that offer is not binding until both buyer and seller have exchanged contracts, but you’re not finished until settlement occurs. 

There are always technicalities during this “Cooling Off” stage so it helps to be aware of the process. It can be nerve racking for first home owners.

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Windale is Redfern Twenty Years Ago — Should You Invest?

Windale near Bennetts Green one of largest Harvey Norman stores - good property investment

Bad Rap, but close to Newcastle, Beaches and Lake!

Windale, a suburb of Newcastle, is portrayed as one of the most disadvantaged communities in NSW. It has some of the highest rates of unemployment, substance abuse and social housing in New South Wales but much of the social housing has already been sold to investors and first home owners and at VERY cheap prices!

Would you kick yourself if you didn’t invest in a property in one of the closest suburbs to Newcastle at these prices?

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Verbal or Email Offers Are Acceptable But Not Binding

Offer and acceptance verbally and in writing for investment property buyers agent in Newcastle

You can make a verbal or email offer for a property, but nothing is binding until you’ve signed the contract of sale and made a deposit. A previous post [Offer and Acceptance] discussed what happens after an offer is accepted, but this time we’re going to look at some of the options you have when making an offer in the first place.

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Why You Should Invest Now in Cessnock

Cessnock is Very Cheap and Good Rent Returns

Investing in Cessnock Hunter Valley Wine Region is cheap with good rent return
There’s a lot more in Hunter Valley Wine Region and Cessnock than just wine

This March, the U.S. Federal Reserve raised the country’s cash rate a quarter of a percent, to 1.75 percent. It’s the first time in 18 years, the U.S. has raised the cash rate higher than Australia’s, which remains unchanged at a record low 1.5 percent.

If you’re still looking to invest in real estate Cessnock might be a good low risk, high return strategy

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Properties Suspected to Contain Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation a “Material Fact”

If you know, then you need to act

A 2015 amendment to the legislation governing the sale and leasing of residential property has made any property that’s tested positive for, or even suspected to contain, loose-fill asbestos insulation (LFAI) a “material fact” that real estate agents must disclose to potential buyers and tenants [How Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Could Destroy Your Property’s Value].

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Secret Glendale (Newcastle) House Demolished by NSW Government without a Trace

NSW Government has a Private Public Register

The NSW Government will demolish a house in the Lake Macquarie area of Glendale, after it was found to contain loose-fill asbestos insulation (LFAI), an especially noxious form of asbestos that requires the premises to be demolished and the land remediated to eradicate the hazard. Continue reading “Secret Glendale (Newcastle) House Demolished by NSW Government without a Trace”

Offer and Acceptance

Private Treaty vs Auction

There are two common ways to buy property: by private treaty or at auction. Both involve making an offer of sorts to the vendor, which is ultimately accepted or declined. This post is going to assume you’ve made an offer for a property, either at auction where it’s been the winning bid or on a private treaty sale and it’s been accepted. Now what? Continue reading “Offer and Acceptance”

How Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Could Destroy Your Property’s Value

In July 2018, the Department of Fair Trading will launch a loose-fill asbestos insulation (LFAI) awareness campaign in Newcastle, as part of the department’s Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Taskforce.

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Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation, Mr Fluffy, Claims Glendale Home

Newcastle Asbestos Man Shares Critical Info

Loose-fill asbestos insulation (LFAI) is raw, crushed asbestos that was installed as ceiling insulation during the 1960s and 70s by a number of Canberra-based companies collectively known as Mr Fluffy. About 1,000 homes in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales are believed to be affected, with the majority concentrated in the ACT area.

Tristan Goninan Asbestos Identification,Testing, Removal, DisposalHowever, the companies are also believed to have sold sacks of asbestos fibre insulation to homeowners directly for DIY insulation installations.

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