Transportable Home

Transportable homes are very similar to manufactured homes in that they are manufactured and then transported to where people want them.

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This example is similar to a caravan with an annex. It was used as accommodation at a camping ground and was moved on the back of a truck.

Transportable home front right

The caravan section can be moved from place to place by pulling it onto the back of a semi while the annex can be dismantled and reassembled relatively easily at the new site and reconnected to the caravan component.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions?

The transportable home is made up of a caravan type structure and an annex attached to it. So the entire dimensions are made up by combining the two.

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How is it transported?

The annex is dismantled and transported on a small flatbed truck and then re-assembled at the other end.

The caravan part is pulled via the towbar onto the back of a semi trailer and then transported to the new location where it is wheeled into place.

View caravan on truck

View it being pushed into the backyard

How much does it cost to move?

We used Double J to move it and as a rough guide/estimate of the cost it would be $9,000 to get it to within about 50km. You need to make your own inquiries because the cost may depend on the circumstances of your property.

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What is included in the move?

The annex was disassembled, including all skirting and blocks it was sitting on and put onto a flatbed. The caravan was transported on the back of a semi.

All parts are then re-assembled, joined together at the new location. This includes all the wooden skirting boards at the bottom and the stairs at the entrance of the house.

Does it work?

Yes. It was being used regularly as a holiday house at Budgewoi Caravan Park. It plugs into power (although we have not connected it), uses gas for the cooktop and water can be connected easily just with a hose fitting.

Does it have a bar?

Yes, it has a towing bar and wheels (which have been deflated while it’s on our site). It can be moved around on the site and your site but cannot be towed on the road.

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What is it made of?

The caravan is made of aluminium while the annex is made of insulated coolroom sandwich panels.

See the Annex being assembled

Is it L shaped?

No, it is a rectangle shape. See above for dimensions.

Does it leak?

There is some leaking around some of the windows. A recently discovered leak in the annex has now been sealed as recommended by a tradesman (using roofing silicone).

Is the timber and besser blocks included in the price?

Yes, every part of the structure, what it sits on and every fixture inside is included in the price.

Transportable Tiny House For Sale

This transportable home measuers 2.5m x 6m (+1 metre for towbar) and can be connected easily to power (or you could fit a solar system to it).


This transportable home is as new and never lived in and available for under $30,000 so act quickly as it is below the cost to build it!

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