SOLD! Transportable Tiny Home Central Coast


Transportable homes come in all shapes and sizes and are used for different purposes. Most of the demand we have found for transportable homes comes from

  • parents who want to have a house for their kids to live in while still being close to home and being able to save money.
  • adults who want a place for their elder parents to live and save money while still being at home or close to home
  • property owners who want to put a cheap house on their property, sometimes this is for them to live in and other times is to have a holiday unit.
  • people who have a residential block and want to find a way of getting a liveable space on it while also being compliant with their local council

Transportable Tiny House

The transportable tiny house trend has been growing for some time as people realise that they don’t really need much space to sleep, eat, get ready for work and relax and this transportable tiny house is perfect for small blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions

This tiny house measures 2.5m wide and 6 metres long with an extra metre for the tow bar.

How heavy is it

3.2 tons

This tiny house is currently available at a discounted price so hurry and make contact if you are interested in snapping this up. Under $28,000!

December 2019 Pics

I’ve taken some pics just recently and there are some changes. External cladding is far better quality and more durable than previous panelling.

Is it registered as a caravan?


How is it transported to my property?

Temporary plates will be fitted so that it can be transported to your premises.

Power & Hot Water

The transportable tiny home can be powered by mains or by solar panels (not included) and it will be configured based on your wants.

Although not displayed in the images a gas instant hot water heater will be installed for the new owner.


Can be connected to mains sewer or a recycling toilet installed

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