Fractional Property Investing

Fractional property ownership is the fully compliant and regulated way for people to own a part of a property – just like shares are available on the ASX (a private company that you can buy shares in) for investors who want to own a share of a business.

No mortgage debt

The biggest benefit of Fractional property ownership is you don’t need to worry about being able to borrow money to be able to own a share of a property. If you have $25,000 saved up but it’s just not enough for a deposit you can still buy a fraction of an investment property.

Be with like minded people

Fractional investing connects you with other people who are in a similar situation and just by being involved you can learn a lot more about how investing in property works as well as take advantage of opportunities that arise.

Use new technology

Fractional property ownership involves new technology but importantly, it involves new laws that have been created to help people invest in property in an environment of massive price growth and high property prices.

Reduce your risk

The biggest risk involved in property ownership is when you owe money for a debt, particularly if that debt is costing more than it earns. This is common for most people and most properties because property owners rely on the price increase over 3-7 years. Over this “medium” time frame most properties go up in value and the rental income increases as well.