Business Support Services for Online Business

A digital asset such as a website and customer list is a low cost start to your own online business but if you can afford to spend more money you’ll find it’s very good value to also have these business support services.

Wholesale Supply Agreement

When you sell any product it is important to secure the supply of those products. This applies whether you are selling a product or a service and in the case of the online training businesses we have for sale a wholesale supply agreement will ensure you get a very good profit margin.

Co-op Marketing Support

When you combine a wholesale supply agreement with a minimum annual spend and a commitment to do some of your own digital advertising you’ll have the opportunity of receiving co-op marketing cost rebates.

This reduces the cost of your advertising and adds even more to your profit margin.

Training and Support

Training and support is the most valuable component of any digital asset sale if you want to learn as much as possible from an organisation that has a lot of experience.

The training and support not only covers information about the online training courses but also

  • how to advertise,
  • what to say to new prospective students, and
  • how to offer courses that are ideal for students needs and budgets.

The training and support will also help you upsell and cross sell to increase the revenue your digital asset generates.

Vendor Finance

Vendor finance is available to pre qualified buyers. Vendor finance is a great way to improve your cash flow and ensure that you can earn an income while you pay for your digital asset. It is also a sign that the vendor is committed to helping your succeed in your new business venture.